Pre-Order 1/18 Ligier JS2 by Ottomobile OT293

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Pre-Order 1/18 Ligier JS2 by Ottomobile OT293

After finishing a career in rugby, Guy Ligier first made a stint as a motorbike pilot before eventually turning towards to cars at the beginning of the Sixties. It was during this time that he became good friends with Jo Schlesser; when Guy decided to produce cars years later, it was only normal for him to engrave them with the initials of his fallen friend. The JS1 appeared in 1969 as a competition car, but Ligier wanted more: and so, the JS2 was born. As the first commercial car of the manufacturer, its commercialization was postponed by a year while negotiations were held with Ford regarding the engine. It would finally see the light of day at the Paris car show of 1971, and was commercialized in November of 1972 with a reinforced fiberglass shell.

Sealed Resin

Color: Metallic Blue

Only 999 pieces produced

September 2018 release