1/18 Porsche 928 GTS by GT Spirit (GT738)

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1/18 Porsche 928 GTS by GT Spirit (GT738)

In the early 70’s, Porsche had two obsessions: replace the 911 and conquer the US market. The study of this Porsche began in 1971, and the car was unveiled to the public 6 years later. It’s a GT equipped with propulsion and a front engine. The rest of the story is known, as the 911 was never replaced. Despite this the 928 will be remembered as the most successful Porsche with a front engine. The car will help Porsche out of the 911 monoculture and conquer the planet; especially the USA. The Porsche 928 GTS is the ultimate evolution of this chic sports car. It came out in 1992 with an engine with an engine achieving 5.4 liters and 350 horsepower. The widened wings make this GTS particularly distinctive.

Only 999 pieces available

Materials: Resin

Color: Black