1/18 Ferrari 456 GT by GT Spirit (GT239)

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Ferrari 456 GT by GT Spirit (GT239)

The discontinuation of the Ferrari 412 production in 1989 pushed the Italian brand to think about a new 4-seat coupé. It would eventually be done and in the most beautiful way, with the magnificent 456 GT presented in 1992. For sports car aficionados, it was love at first sight. Pininfarina produced here one of its most beautiful drawings with a coupé combining refinement and sportiness. Efficiency was obviously not forgotten with a retractable fin and advanced aerodynamics. However, what made this perfect Ferrari was within its majestic V12 engine. The 48 valve block, located at the front, can push 442 horsepower with a roaring engine that would give anyone chills.

Only 999 pieces available

Material: Sealed Resin

Color: Swaters Blue