Review 1/18 Bentley Mulsanne 2017 -  by Almost Real (830501)

Bentley Mulsanne by Almost Real -

Review 1/18 Bentley Mulsanne 2017 - by Almost Real (830501)

In this post we will review the 1/18 Bentley Mulsanne 2017 - Light Emerald over Midnight Emerald by Almost Real (830501).

This Bentley is a full diecast model with openable doors, trunk, and engine hood. It has steerable front wheels and a functional working suspension.

The turbocharged 6.8L V8 is highly detailed and it is an actual separate engine block (not a one piece mold).

The interior has decal wood trim, along with silver chrome paint are used to highlight the vents, and driver instrument clusters. Speaking of clusters, the dials and buttons on the center dashboard are raised, and the chrome trims are painted in. The interior floor is lined with full carpeting, and the same effect is applied to the trunk of the vehicle.

The two tone exterior emerald paint is nicely polished and deep. Orange peel in the paint is rarely noticeable. If you really want the paint to shine even more, using a polishing compound kit will definitely help further enhance the overall paint finish.

The overall body shape is accurately replicated to the real deal. With a functional working suspension, the ride height and stance is perfectly scaled down.

Like most diecast metal models with openable parts, the panel lines can make or break the model. Almost Real has done a surprisingly good job in this department. The panel gaps lines are very consistent through out this model.

From the small detail hood ornament to the Bentley logo in the front headlights, overall this 1.2kg Bentley Mulsanne from Almost Real is probably one of the best Bentley's in 1/18 scale. If you are looking to add a highly detailed Bentley into your collection and do not want to settle for a resin model, then this might be the Bentley for you.

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