OneModel 1/18 98' Honda DC2 Type R vs Ottomoble 1/18 96' DC2 Type R

OneModel 1/18 98' Honda DC2 Type R vs Ottomoble 1/18 96' DC2 Type R

Hi Everyone!

Here is my latest review and thoughts on OneModel's 98' DC2 Type R vs Ottomobile's 96' DC2 Type R. Both are really good models, and both models have their own flaws. I'll let you guys be the judge.

The Otto DC2 Type R was recently released. The version shown is the exclusive Asian Edition - limited to 300 pieces.

OneModel DC2 Type R
Excellent paint finish
Very good panel lines... one of the best for a resin model
Little details like raised B-Pillar, and raised weather stripping on the front wind shield
Recessed "Integra" logo on the rear bumper.
Raised 3D Honda badging on the front and rear.
Good packaging
Various colors available. Not just white and yellow.

Center console is inaccurate and the shifter is fugly. But other than this interior has a decent finish.
Model feels light.
Front headlights seems a bit off, and the rear hatch glass not as rounded like Ottomobile.
Rear tail lights slightly off.
Missing retracted antenna detail.
Plain Jane underbody details

Ottomobile 1/18 96' DC2 Type R (yellow)
Limited production model - Only 300 produced for Asian Markets
Price - a lot cheaper than OneModel
Nice solid resin construction - a lot heavier compared to OneModel.
Interior is correctly replicated, especially the shifter.
Rear hatch clear piece is more accurately shaped compared to OneMosel.
Under body detail

B-pillar is not raised. Instead printed on the clear acetate window piece.
Honda badge on front hood and rear hatch is just a metal transfer sticker.
Integra logo on the rear bumper is not recessed, but a decal.
The type-r decal is slightly off scale.
The rear tail lights look rather large.
Paint finish and panel lines not as good compared to OneModel.
Some of the Honda "H" badging on the rims are applied off centered on the tire rims.

Both cars together:

Happy Collecting!!