3000 GT VR4 by LS Collectibles

3000 GT VR4 by LS Collectibles

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Here is another review.

How many of you are familiar with the brand LS Collectibles? They are the sister brand of Top Marques. Similar to what Ottomobile is to GT Spirit. LS Collectibles produces less hi-end model cars.

Recently they just released the Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 in 1/18th scale. Is it a disappointing model? Well I'll let the pictures do the talking and you guys decide.

For those who are not familiar with the 3000 GT VR4, it was produced by Mitsubishi from 1990-2000. In Japan it was know as the GTO, and in North America, it was the 3000 GT VR4. Since Mitsubishi was not sold in Canada at that time, it was sold as the Dodge Stealth R/T. The 3000 GT looked way better than the Stealth.

Sexy Mitsubishi

Not so pretty Stealth

The 3000 GT VR4 was powered by a Twin Turbo DOHC V6, which produced 296 BHP@ 6000 RPM and 306 lbs of torque @ 2500 RPM. It was 4WD, and had 4WS along with an active Aero front and rear spoiler. The ride height varied a speeds. This was a lot of tech for a 90's car.

Here is old Top Gear review of the 3000 GT VR4 featuring a very young Jeremy Clarkson.

I was very excited to receive this model from LS, because this is the only 1/18 scale of the VR4. To my surprise, no other manufactures produces it in 1/18. Also, this the first LS model in my collection. The 3000 GT VR4 from LS is available in red and black. For me red has always represented  the VR4.

The model is packed in a foam clam shell, and is wrapped with tissue paper in a plastic bag for protection during shipping.


After unwrapping and inspecting the car for any signs of damage, one of the first thing I noticed was that the model had some good weight to it. It felt solid - like a metal diecast car.

Since this is sealed resign model, the front wheels are not poseable. I really wish resin manufacturers would make a resin model with poseable front wheels. With the manufacturing technology that we have today, this process should not be too difficult. Anyhow that is my rant...

The panel lines, smooth paint finish and details of this model is decent. I would say that models produced by LS is comparable to models produced by Ottomobile (I also bought the 300 ZX as well). One thing I did noticed was the fuel cover. LS used a decal to out line the fuel cover. Did they forget to detail this area? And the B-Pillar is missing the Twin Turbo decal.

As for overall shape, it is proportionally correct. But I think the rear glass is a bit rounded.

Detail on the underside of the model is sparse.

The interior is black, and it is accurate. But I think LS could of spruced up the interior a bit more ie: add somemore paint to the center dash, use different shades of gray to make it less dull, and add some seat belts.

LS sells this model for €125.00 ($180.00 Cnd) on their web store, plus shipping to Canada and customs/ duties will push the overall cost north of $200.00 CND. Is it worth the price? In my opinion, no one makes a 3000 GT VR4 in 1/18 scale. And like all collectible car models this is limited production - so it should hold value. If you are a fan of 90's JDM cars, this is a must have in your collection. It will not look out of place next to a 300ZX, RX-7(FD), NSX (NA1), Skyline R32 GTR, and Supra Mk4. 

Happy Collecting!