1/18 Honda S2000 by OneModel

Honda S2000 by OneModel -

1/18 Honda S2000 by OneModel

HI Everyone!!

I would like to share with you probably one of the best examples of S2K in 1/18 scale. This model is made by OneModel. I have a few colour samples. Yellow is my favorite so far.

In my opinion, I think OneModel pretty much nailed it with the overall shape and stance and package of the S2K.

I really liked the fact that they provided a separate piece the represents the rood folded down, so you can display the model with the roof closed or retracted. The removeable roof pieces are held in place by magnets.

Roof retracted

Another detail i really liked are the disk brakes. They look used. Really cool.

I do not own the AutoArt's S2K, so I can't really compare. But, I may say that looking at pics of the AA version online, I think OneModels version is better. I'm pretty sure you guys have the AA S2K version, what do you guys think?

The interior is S2k...better than the DC2 interior...

Royal Navy Blue.

Berlina Black

Grand Prix White

Other colours available, New Formula Red, Suzuka Blue, Moon Rock Silver, and Rio Yellow.

Comments are welcomed.

Happy collecting!