1/18 300ZX Twin Turbo by LS Collectibles

1/18 300ZX Twin Turbo by LS Collectibles

Hi Everyone,

No need to really introduce this car.

It's the Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo by LS Collectibles. If you are looking for a 1/18 300ZX or Fairlady, the only options you have are Kyosho and LS Collectibles (Recently released). The Kyosho version is diecast metal with open hood, doors and trunk. It is long discontinued, but can be easily found on eBay. Mixed reviews and possible paint rash problems on the Kyosho version.

Kyosho Version

This 300ZX TT, was just recently released by LS Collectibles. It is a sealed resin model. The quality on this Fairlady is consistent with the 3000 GT VR4 that was just reviewed. When I first saw the prototypes that were released by LS Collectables via faceBook, it caught my interest. It looked pretty decent.

I thought did LS create the prototype by copying and scaling up Tamiya's 1/24 300ZX model??? Anyhow, I think LS did a great job with the ZX. The overall shape and ride height looks correct.

I really liked the the fact that LS did not tint the T-Top and left it clear. This really allows the interior to be more visible. Speaking of the interior, I think LS could of added a little bit more detail by using different shades of grey along with black. The overall interior detail is correct, just wish LS made the interior more lively. Especially with a clear T-Top.

Panel lines and paint finish is decent. No bubbles, over spray or dust contaminate.

And the famous 300Zx headlights, and you can see LS highlighted the panel lines.

More pics...

TLittle Z by Tomica

So..Is it worth adding to your collection, for me I've always liked the 300ZX. And I know it will look good with with my 3000 GT, NSX, RX 7 and Supra. It illustrates a time when these JDM cars had their own looks and characteristics.

On a side note, it was this car that inspired me to pursue a career in Industrial Design, when a car designer from Nissan Design International wrote back to me when I was in high school. In his letter he explained what I needed to do to in order to pursue a career in automotive design. In the letter he included this poster by renowned Automotive artist David Kimble.

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Happy Collecting!